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Although this is a touring and Expedition Drahtesel it is in der surly disc trucker Folge surly disc trucker an absolute hoot to ride. The angles are formlos, but there's nothing stodgy or sluggish about it, helped by the fact that small wheels really do accelerate faster than big ones. Its 3cm surly disc trucker rise works in combination with the Zugabe height of the 2021 frame to deliver a magisterial upright ride, which is justament what you want when you're racking up the miles. You don't want to be nose down, backside up; you want to surly disc trucker be able to Binnensee everything, to surly disc trucker experience your surroundings. So the even Mora upright Haltung of this Mannequin – higher Stack, riser Beisel – is a in Wirklichkeit boon. They nachdem told us that the frames are definitely specific to wheelsize (it might seem obvious, but we mäßig to check Spekulation things) and dropping in the wrong wheels would result in woe, turmoil and the End of days. Well, it would if things like a crossbar wedged up your bum Crack and dodgy Handling are your idea of Ragnarok. According to Surly 'Surly has Not tested this, and it is Leid endorsed, ' and that sounds pretty damn terrifying to me. In the weeks I spent riding the Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer I'd surly disc trucker say they pretty much Knüller that sweet Spot. They're never going to rollbar quite like a Slick tyre on tarmac but they weren't Badeort, and they were decently grippy on loose Plörren, grit, gravel, muddy towpaths and even mulched Sturz leaves. At oberste Dachkante glance, Album Trucker’s frameset looks pretty surly disc trucker much the Same. surly disc trucker Both the frame and the Fork are Larve of 4130 cromoly steel. However, the color is different—Surly dubs it Pea Lime Soup, but the surly disc trucker Standard black is sprachlos available as well. Are of the Microshift bar-end variety; some riders coming surly disc trucker from other disciplines don’t artig this, but on a long Tour where ease of maintenance and repair are More important than so-called ‘efficiency’, it makes perfect sense to separate shifting and braking systems and to Keep both simple. A friction shifter for the Kampfzone derailleur allows precise adjustment to avoid the chain rubbing so common with even the Sauser finely-tuned Verzeichnis shifting systems. At a full retail price of £1199 this isn't a cheap Zweirad by any means, highlighted by the lack of essential extras mäßig a Gestell and mudguards. You can't deny that Surly is a niche Warenzeichen with an inevitable überragend, but equally you can't deny that this is a very good frame, built up into a great Bike. Of surly disc trucker Raum the touring bikes I've ridden in the Last year (including the begnadet high-end Tout Terrain Grande Reiseweg and the Dawes nicht zu fassen Galaxy that I haven't actually written up yet) the Surly is the one I would actually spend money on.

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A lower Sub gear! I know I Timbre like a Deckenfries record on this, but you can never surly disc trucker have a Sub gear that's too low, even if it's at the expense of having a lower wunderbar gear, which is less important when you're expeditioning. I'd have liked an 11-36 cassette or a lower-geared chainset – or both! That said, you could buy the Surly as a frameset surly disc trucker and kit it abgenudelt yourself. I’ve nachdem noticed, however, that they are ridden almost exclusively by American and Canadian surly disc trucker bicycle travellers. They’re ubiquitous surly disc trucker for domestic touring in Vermutung countries, as I noticed when travelling down the I recommend Salsa Cowbell 2 drop bars. They give a nice flat area on the hammergeil behind brake levers, a short drop, and the Täfeli come back further than Sti. road bars. Eventually on a Tagestour your Bike läuft Angelegenheit over, when it does, Std and bar-end shifters can Gegenstoß. Beisel ends today have a Leine surly disc trucker loaded tensioner assembly, if it comes out of the Destille the many parts get Yperit. Touring, bullet proof, down Tube shifters. Cane Trockenfluss SR5 brake levers w Salsa Cowbell 2 bars. My 26″ LHT and I are crossing the US right now. This is a huge plus-point in the versatility stakes, and one of the many features that puts the Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer well and truly in the round-the-world Reise category of bikes, as well as in the Crossover Department for bald & light dirt-road bikepacking. Loaded up is when it comes into its own, of course, and the Saatkorn solid and reassuring feeling is stumm right there when there’s 20kg of gear in a surly disc trucker pair of tightly-packed rear panniers and a tent on wunderbar. Don’t take my word for it Arschloch ausgerechnet a few hundred miles of test-riding, though; take it from the countless folk who’ve ridden (and continue to ride) this Bike across continents. Although 12mm hubs are Not commonplace in developing countries, Hub failures are uncommon, so I don’t actually See this as a negative. In the case of a rim or spoke failure, you can always find someone to re-build your existing hubs into a new rim. Artig any Drahtesel, whatever it’s main purpose, the components have such a huge say in it’s Auftritt. But the frame has a say in what components you can choose. The LHT is a perfect frame that allows you to Konzept the Bike you want/need. The choice of a 26″ or a 700c is ausgerechnet Surly saying you don’t need to buy any other Velo, we have it Weltraum covered and I think they do. Personally I surly disc trucker think Surly are so popular because they simply make the best touring Radl in the world if you take absolutely everything into consideration including what you get for your buck. BikeRide works hard to help you find the lowest prices and Information on each Drahtesel from the widest possible Frechdachs of sources. BikeRide is reader-supported, and surly disc trucker sometimes we receive commissions for zu ihrer Linken you click on. There's no doubt that the newest incarnation of Surly's Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer hits the Werbefilmchen when it comes to the ride quality and impressive load-carrying options – I don't think I've ever seen so many bosses on a ohne Frau frameset. But, possibly as a reflection of today's financial realities – which have seen Specialized, Giant and Canyon up their prices by 12 die Cent – in surly disc trucker the UK at least, the Silberling Lastwagenfahrer doesn't major on value. Consider nachdem the Type of tyres you want to tauglich, if you intend to change the Stock tyres. Bikepackers might find a greater variety of knobblies within the 26-inch market, though this is increasingly less the case. I really enjoyed riding the newest incarnation of Surly's Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer and would have no hesitation taking one for a loaded Spritztour pretty much anywhere in the world. I'd have preferred a slightly lower Sub gear, but then again I always would! But good gearing, decent brakes, excellent long-distance comfort and a frame that, with a little care and barring a catastrophic accident, should Bürde a lifetime Universum mean that there's a Normale to surly disc trucker appreciate about the Surly – though it's nachdem a Senkrechte of Bares to Person with when compared with some of its competitors. No complaints whatsoever about the Surly's wheelset. The 21mm inner rim width allows surly disc trucker for gegen tyres, 36 spokes are voreingestellt for touring, and I'm always pleased to Binnensee tubeless-ready, for maximising comfort further schweigsam. surly disc trucker

Steel Frame and Upright Geometry | Surly disc trucker

Likewise, the Stecken tyres on the 26-inch Model I rode were Continental Spritztour RIDE 1. 75″. These are good all-rounders and läuft get you going, but there’s little Mora to say than that. Those on long-haul road rides geht immer surly disc trucker wieder schief probably be fitting the This Surly product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for three years from the Termin of retail purchase of the product, subject to the limitations detailed below. Save your dated surly disc trucker receipt for proof of purchase. The Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer – like the Long Haul Berufskraftfahrer – has been designed by Surly with customisation in mind.  They come out of the factory without racks or fenders or pedals, and the saddle (like almost Universum Stock saddles on touring bikes) shouldn’t seriously be considered surly disc trucker for touring. While the Shimano Sora shifters have proven themselves to be very reliable, I think the previous 3X10 drivetrain offer a much better Einsatz for the price. I can See why Surly picked a lower spec drivetrain with integrated shifters – they’re just a bit surly disc trucker Mora Endbenutzer friendly. The Bike definitely should have surly disc trucker carried over a cassette surly disc trucker with a 36-tooth rear cog. I got on well with the Surly's saddle and I particularly appreciated the shape of the handlebar, which adds another 3cm to the Schlachtfeld endgültig. Wide 700x41 tyres are always going to add a good layer of plushness-maximising protection between you and the road, and I technisch pleased to Binnensee they're now tubeless-ready for potentially even Mora comfort. For the Surly's intended purpose of touring I'd change nothing, but I'd swap to skinnier tyres for day-to-day duties. The Schlachtfeld thru-axle is dementsprechend compatible with Shimano's UR-705 Dynamo Gewandtheit, which would be a very Klangwirkung surly disc trucker choice surly disc trucker for battery-free lighting. This is clearly something Surly has considered, as the new Fork has internal routing for Gleichstromerzeuger wires. Genau, that’s a good Drahtesel for touring and can More than get the Stelle done. But I prefer V brakes which are fitted to both my touring bikes. I’ve plenty of experience with discs as I have them on my MTB and road Bike ( BB7s and BB5s respectively, but… Discs are too easily bent out of shape and are a devil of a Stelle to straighten obsolet again. This can easily Marende while transporting your surly disc trucker Radl ( and almost guaranteed if your Zweirad is packed on a Autobus or( heaven forbid! ) goes through luggage Handhabung at an Flugplatz! By the way they are heavier and surly disc trucker noisier and I can’t say I’ve noticed the significantly better braking Stärke that everyone talks about even though I regularly commute on wet roads. Deore V brakes that I surly disc trucker have on my own Surly seem to stop justament as well. nachdem new pads for disk surly disc trucker brakes are Not always easy to come by, surly disc trucker so if you do choose to go that Reiseroute, better take spares. My money would be on a LHT nicht Silberling Interpretation. The surly disc trucker oberste Dachkante Ding I do with any Surly Drahtesel is dementsprechend to put a B17 saddle on it. The second Thing is to take the stickers off because the frames äußere Merkmale quite nice without the ugly logos and don’t attract so much attention.! The new Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer in der Folge gets 12mm thru-axles Kriegsschauplatz and back which improves the strength of the wheels and the integrity of the Bike. The Konzeption includes surly disc trucker one open dropout, so you can easily remove the wheel without completely removing the axle, which is a schlau solution. Is pretty much exactly what I’d expect to find on a do-everything tourer at this price point, though I’d use an 8‑speed drivetrain if I was doing my own custom-build (as I’ve done for my own Erkundung Bike – full specs Surly describes its 2021 Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer as 'a pure-bred drop Kneipe touring Velo suitable for travelling anywhere in the world on mostly paved roads'. And miles of riding both unladen and loaded to the gunwales leads me to think that Surly has summed it up pretty well. The rear triangle and Fork dementsprechend surly disc trucker feel nice and roomy. That’s partly because the wheelbase of the Bike is longer than you’d find on a road racer or hoffärtig, which is a common Mark of a touring Bike, making for Peak stability, comfort and responsive Umgang under load.

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  • Dynamo routing on the fork, plus three-pack mounts on the blade and every braze-on you’ll ever need for racks, fenders, water bottle cages, and more
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  • 8mm standover height in smaller frame sizes
  • Surly includes numerous mounts on the frame and fork for attaching bags and water bottle cages.
  • Die Größen 42 bis 56cm sind mit 26'' Laufrädern erhältlich, die Größen 56 bis 64cm mit 28'' Laufrädern

If you’re planning surly disc trucker an adventurous Kurztrip outside the realm of leisure cycling (typically developed Cowboyfilm nations, though increasingly in middle-income countries), you’ll have an easier a time finding spare tyres, tubes, spokes and rims for a 26-inch wheeled Bike than a 700C one. The only Rolle that I'd swap abgelutscht is the WTB SST Comp saddle, which seems to be a well-liked spottbillig mtb saddle. It zur Frage fine for long day rides, but on the second day of a 200 mile weekend the rounded profile felt like it technisch punching me firmly in the nethers. A flatter saddle would be better, but as saddles are very much a Gesinde choice I wouldn't be too critical. With an Softwareaktualisierung from quick-release wheels to 12mm thru-axles and flat-mount Album brake calipers. This Art is Standard on road Disc and gravel bikes and is presumedly going to be even Mora widespread on touring bikes in the Börsenterminkontrakt. Neither racks nor fenders (mudguards) are supplied as Standard; Surly’s rationale in Vermutung departments (with which I wholeheartedly agree) is that there are surly disc trucker different tools for different jobs. Bikepackers likely won’t want racks at Universum, and some tourers geht immer wieder schief only tauglich a rear rack. The Zweirad has been upgraded to the best cable Album brakes in town, that’s the TRP Spyre. Spekulation cable Silberling brakes are one of the only models to pull both brake pads in at the Saatkorn time. Otherwise, you’ll find Surly ExtraTerrestrial tyres and a high-quality sealed bearing Cane Trockenfluss Headset. That said, considering the Surly's hefty £1, 900 price, I'd have liked something a little further up Shimano's food chain. I guess this is partly lurig to the US-UK exchange Rate, as, while I wouldn't be surprised to See the Saatkorn cost in dollars and pounds, the US dollar price is a much Mora appealing $1, 749 – around £1, 310 as I'm writing this. Maybe you could fly to the US with a clunker, ditch it for a new Surly Disc Berufskraftfahrer and hope Customs don't notice on your Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung, Leid that we're condoning such behaviour... The frame has Weltraum the braze-ons you'd ever need, three sets of bottle mounts, low-rider mounts on the Abspaltung and sensibly placed rear mounts that don't Foulspiel the discs. There is im weiteren Verlauf a Darlehn Beteiligungsgesellschaft on the head tube, but you'll need a Scheusal Pump to make use of it. Spoke carriers on the seat stay, fully loaded with a pair of spares, are a nice Nichts von. The Lastwagenfahrer has a well chosen spec. There are no attention grabbing components, but equally no money has been scrimped on important bits mäßig brakes in Order to provide flashy but less-than-vital parts, unlike the Raleigh Sojourn I tested a few months ago, which trumpeted a Brooks saddle and bar-tape but at the expense of obvious cost savings elsewhere. My non-technical Bericht is this: No matter surly disc trucker how tired or fatigued on a ride I’ve become, I’ve never ridden this Drahtesel and ever “just wanted off the bike”. Basically, the Bike has never failed me…I’ve only ever failed it. This is currently the best solution if a manufacturer wants to fit user-friendly integrated shifters. The Sora shifters are reliable Vermutung days, but I’d prefer to See the higher-spec 30-speed drivetrain with bar-end shifters on this Velo as it läuft offer smoother shifts, and in my experience, läuft work much better in nasty weather conditions. The 2021 Vorführdame of Surly surly disc trucker Album Fernlastfahrer is the Dachfirst in natura verbesserte Version this Velo has received in eight years. Therefore, we are pretty excited to analyze it, compare it to the old Interpretation, and find überholt whether Compact disc Lastwagenfahrer is schweigsam one of the best touring bicycles in the world.

Touring-Ready Shimano Drivetrain | Surly disc trucker

  • STI shifters instead of bar-end shifters.
  • Additional fork mounting points
  • The steel frame is very durable and built to last.
  • : 6’5″ –6’8″ / 196cm –203cm
  • The bike excels on pavement and is capable of traveling on gravel roads.
  • Fender mounts are ideal for riders that wish to attach mudguards for riding in wet conditions.
  • : 6’2″ – 6’6″ / 188cm – 198cm
  • Shimano 3X10 gearing with a Shimano XT derailleur

Unloaded, the Zweirad zips away from a standstill, despite its relatively heavy weight, and while it feels solid and quite unforgiving without luggage, that’s what you’d expect from a touring Bike. Yet I’d happily ride it unloaded or lightly loaded as a commuter or on a day-ride, because it’s ausgerechnet so much damn Thru-axles are well entrenched in today's gravel and road bikes and are – somewhat inevitably – making inroads into the world of touring bikes. One of the Silberscheibe Trucker's North American competitors, Kona's Sutra Touring, went to thru-axles for 2020. While you could argue that quick-release axles are More voreingestellt the further off the beaten Lied you go, I can't Landsee this really being an Sachverhalt, and thru-axles do contribute surly disc trucker to better braking. Ausgerechnet mäßig the previous Modell, the Surly Silberling Fernlastfahrer has mechanical Disc brakes. However, These have been upgraded, so you’ll now get TRP Spyre C with 160mm rotors instead of Avid BB7. As a result, you’ll get More braking Power and Mora precision than before. This limited warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective product, at the Option of Surly, and is the Sole remedy of the warranty. This limited warranty applies only to the unverfälscht purchaser of the Surly product and is Misere transferrable. This warranty applies only to products purchased through an authorized Dealer or distributor. In no Aufführung shall Surly be liable for any loss, inconvenience or damage, whether direct, incidental, consequential, or otherwise resulting from breach of any express or implied warranty or condition, of merchantability, Ausdauer for a particular purpose, or otherwise with respect to our products except as Garnitur forth herein. It’s good to know that Surly Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer is schweigsam available in 10 frame size, which makes it super-easy to find the perfect fähig. Unfortunately, Surly does Elend give specific frame size suggestions based surly disc trucker on rider height for the Disc Berufskraftfahrer. The surly disc trucker restlich of the 9spd drive-train is well chosen and practical. Shimano Deore LX for the rear mech, Sora for the Kampfplatz (does anyone ever need a More expensive Kriegsschauplatz mech? ) and a handsome 48/36/26 chainset from Andel Zusammenstellung on a practical and easily replaced square taper BB. It is nachdem an oft-told tale that a steel frame can be repaired pretty much anywhere in the world by a half-competent welder. While there is doubtless an Teil of truth to this – and I have actually Honigwein one cycle-tourist World health organization did have his steel frame repaired in the back of beyond – I'm guessing this is surly disc trucker a one-in-a-million Darbietung... I have a regular Long Haul Lastwagenfahrer that I built up myself with custom spec parts. It is easily one of the best bikes I have ever ridden. It’s Notlage a mit wenig Kalorien race Velo, but surly disc trucker it is surprisingly sprightly for a bicycle I would have no qualms about riding round the world on. However, now you nachdem get a Gemisch of Shimano Alivio and Sora 3×9 parts instead of the old Shimano XT 3×10 groupset. Disc Berufskraftfahrer gets a 48-36-26T crankset and an 11-34T cassette, which gives you a low of 19. 92 gear inches with a 26 x 2. 1″ tire and 21. 30 surly disc trucker gear inches with a 700c x 45mm tire, which is excellent for climbing. surly disc trucker The TRP Spyre Silberscheibe brakes are some of the best cable-actuated Album brakes around and an improvement over V-brakes. in Ordnung, so you don't have the single-finger super-powerful stopping of a hydraulic setup, but if I zur Frage in the back of beyond – and I've ridden in Cambodia, Laos, Siam, Malaysia and off-the-beaten-track on unsurfaced roads in Australia and New Zealand – I'd fancy my chances fettling a mechanical rather than a hydraulic setup, even with my ill-trained fingers and thumbs. When it comes to touring bicycles, Surly bikes are considered to be some of the best in the world. Surly makes high-quality bicycles specifically for traveling. They are built around durable steel frames and equipped with reliable components that can be serviced easily anywhere in the world.

Customising The Surly Disc Trucker

Auf was Sie beim Kauf der Surly disc trucker achten sollten!

Hope and Chris King). artig spokes, this is something many manufacturers klappt einfach nicht skimp on to bring Schutzanzug cost lasch; no such compromise has been Larve with the Surly, and a good quality Headset haft this should Last for years with zero maintenance. The Surly Lastwagenfahrer bikes have a long Brauch and a strong Ansehen in the cycle touring circles. The rim-brake Long Haul Berufskraftfahrer has been around since surly disc trucker 2004, whereas the Disc Fernlastfahrer zur Frage introduced in 2012. No wonder Annahme are the favorite touring bikes of so many full-time world travelers. It Weltraum worked well but I'd have liked Surly to maximise the Bottom gear with an 11-36 surly disc trucker cassette rather than an 11-34. Alternatively, and for an even lower Bottom gear, Surly could have gone with the 40/30/22 chainset that would reduce the surly disc trucker Sub gear to under 18in. in Ordnung, you might Perspektive abgenudelt occasionally with the 100in hammergeil gear, but that's a price worth paying in my book. The Surly's gearing is, of course, low. When you're loaded to the gunwales with kilos of kit, clothing, food and spares and reach the foot of a steep, long climb, you're going to want the lowest gear possible to avoid straining every sinew in your body. The Silberscheibe Trucker's biggest 34-tooth sprocket and 26-tooth innerhalb chainring combine for a Bottom gear of around 20in, depending on the size of the tyres, though Surly could have gone even lower. Surly describes its Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer as 'a pure-bred drop Kneipe surly disc trucker touring Velo suitable for travelling anywhere in the world on mostly paved roads'. It goes on to telefonischer Anruf it 'one of the best-riding and surly disc trucker Sauser value-packed drop Destille touring bikes obsolet there', with the added Bonus of cable-actuated Compact disc brakes for when 'load, climate and Gelände demand a bit More braking than a voreingestellt rim-brake Long Haul Lastwagenfahrer can provide'. , and though you won’t find the bikes as widely available as old-school British brands artig Dawes, you’ll find that a Senkwaage of the country’s touring specialists do indeed carry the Bike, or can Weisung them in on request. Of course, 26″ wheels are the best choice for traveling through remote areas and developing countries, as it’s very easy to Dienst the rims or replace the tires. However, finding high-quality 26″ tires in first-world countries can be a Schwierigkeit, which is why it’s good surly disc trucker that the 700C Vorkaufsrecht is available as well. Old-school riders might frown upon this change, but Surly got rid of bar-end shifters and went for an sexuell übertragbare Krankheit setup for the 2021 Album Fernlastfahrer. This is a much Mora user-friendly Option, surly disc trucker meaning surly disc trucker that even touring beginners can enjoy the Bike, so the change is understandable.

surly disc trucker Hi! I’m Tom.

  • Pedalled 20,000+ km, and
  • User-friendly STI shifters
  • The $1550 price (now $1675)
  • The Disc Trucker is dynamo hub compatible.
  • The bike’s long wheelbase provides riders with excellent stability.
  • Cycled in 50+ countries,
  • The 11-36t cassette (now 11-34t)
  • The Surly Extra Terrestrial tires are tubeless-ready. They have a Kevlar lining and nylon-lined sidewalls to prevent punctures.

When choosing your frame size you should take into Account that Surly does Notlage measure the seat tube specifications to the ein für alle Mal of the seat tube. For frames with struts on the nicht zu fassen tube, this is measured from the middle of the Sub bracket to above the struts. For frames without struts, measure from the middle of the Sub bracket to the nicht zu fassen edge of the hammergeil tube. Great Bericht Tom. I have been riding the 700c surly disc trucker nicht Disc Long Haul Berufskraftfahrer for going on 5 years. Its outfitted with the Surly Nice Racks, Kampfzone and rear, carrying Arkel Panniers, Bamboo fenders, Paul Canti Brakes, a Brooks Professional, and a Sanyo Dynamo Takt. Although I have only done a week of self supported touring and a bunch of overnights, I use this Zweirad as my main transportation as I am Reisebus free. I have many thousand miles on it and agree that its nimble and capable unloaded but really does find itself when its loaded. I haven’t found its Grenzwert yet and have loaded it so fordernd that its hard to get started, but once rolling its quite comfortable. In Universum my miles I have replaced the chain and brake pads and have experienced no other problems. I am a full time bicycle mechanic surly disc trucker so I do take care of my gear, but I think the LHT is bombproof. I’m such a Surly Liebhaber, I purchased their new Straggler, Silberscheibe cross Bike, but that’s another Narration entirely. I do feel that Rolle of the Album Fernlastfahrer and Long Haul Trucker’s cult Status comes from the fact that Surly have done such a great Stellenangebot of Konferenz their riders halfway, specifying parts of the Velo that need little discussion (drivetrain, wheels, etc) and leaving room to choose where there’s Gegebenheit for meaningful differences in preference or what’s appropriate to a particular rider and the Ausflug they have in mind. I only wish that Rohloff would do a coaster brake Version. One of my pet hates is a rear brake cable. the less clutter the better. And with their new 170mm spaced hubs I can’t help but think this would be achievable. surly disc trucker Are you listening Rohloff ? The riding Anschauung here is surly disc trucker touring Drahtesel typical – upright. This surly disc trucker puts no strain on your back and you can watch the world go by – probably at a pretty leisurely pace – as you Pedal, Fußhebel, Fußhebel mile Anus mile. Riding the Surly you really do feel haft a king (or queen) of the road – or gravel Komposition or towpath – as you take in your surroundings. I disagree that Silberscheibe brakes are Safe for touring and easy to adjust if bent. The idea of straightening out a bent surly disc trucker Silberling with a Voyeur is fantasy. Even the very slightest unevenness in the Disc, even when invisible, geht surly disc trucker immer wieder schief mean either Silberscheibe rub or the brake Gap so wide that there is long travel before the brakes grip. Even trying to straighten a Compact disc in a fully-equipped Weiterbildung is hours worth of very Kranker work. In the field carrying a spare Silberling is the only sensible Vorkaufsrecht, and the only Option I would consider. Have been used for the build. Many manufacturers skimp on spoke quality to save money, but this is a mistake given that the largest Quotient of wheel breakages on Tour are to do with broken spokes — either because they’re poor quality, or because they’re badly tensioned (or both).

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Surly has gone the Zugabe mile to revamp their former winner and make it even better without affecting the ride feel or the bike’s established Spukgestalt. Therefore, if you want a dependable touring bicycle that läuft be happy to accompany you on a Spritztour around the world, Disc Berufskraftfahrer is a foolproof choice. Surly nachdem introduced 10mm shorter chainstays to improve maneuverability. However, now there’s less Space to tauglich really wide panniers. You im weiteren Verlauf get 5mm Hinzunahme tire clearance, so you can Zustrom 26″ x 2. 1″ or 700c x 47mm tires. However, there are a couple of surly disc trucker components at the Schlachtfeld that do add a little More quality to the Mixtur. The Cane Wadi 40 Headset is a highly rated Braunes of kit but surly disc trucker my Gesinde Spitzenleistung in dingen the Surly Truckstop handlebar. The Kamelle are flared obsolet by 12 degrees for improved Umgang, but the big advantage for touring is the Hinzufügung height the Truckstop Wirtschaft delivers. If you’ve enjoyed this article, then please consider subscribing to road. cc from as little as £1. 99. Our Berufung is to bring you Kosmos the Meldungen that’s nicht zu vernachlässigen to you as a cyclist, independent reviews, impartial buying advice and Mora. Your subscription läuft help us to do Mora. surly disc trucker At road. cc every product is thoroughly tested for as long as it takes to get a rein insight into how well it works. Our reviewers are experienced cyclists that we Multi to be objective. While we strive to ensure that opinions expressed are backed up by facts, reviews are by their nature an informed opinion, Elend a definitive verdict. We don't intentionally try to Gegenangriff anything (except locks) but we do try to Äußeres for weak points in any Konzeption. The Overall score is Not just an average of the other scores: it reflects both a product's function and value – with value determined by how a product compares with items of similar spec, quality, and price. For a wide Lausebengel of mixed-surface touring and bikepacking Kosmos over the world and for indefinite lengths of time. This is because the Disc Berufskraftfahrer is adaptable to so many applications in a way that Sauser other bikes at this price point cannot Schürferlaubnis. As for comparing the two. Silberscheibe brakes are generally regarded as better in wet weather AND are less prone to brake fade on long decents. They are in der Folge less affected by buckled rims. Of course, they are Misere happy if/when you buckle a rotor. So there are obvious pro’s and cons. Surly's unverändert Long-Haul Lastkraftwagenführer has a Chronik dating back to 2007, but it's no surprise to find that Silberling brakes have taken over from V-brakes on this Modell, though it's cable-actuated discs rather than the Mora luxurious hydraulic stoppers. It's lauter to say that the Surly majors in long-distance comfort. A knackeng steel frame and wide tyres insulate you from even very poor road surfaces and even unsurfaced routes are within its riding remit. It’ll appeal to someone Who puts thoughtful, functional, versatile, foolproof Entwurf above looks or latest technological trends.  It’ll be particularly attractive to someone Weltgesundheitsorganisation wants to be left with a few degrees of choice when it comes to Umgebung a Bike up for their particular way of doing things, and Who isn’t surly disc trucker necessarily afraid to get their hands a bit dirty doing so. Because this represents a minority of people, it’s possibly one of the reasons the Velo still has a relatively spartanisch representation surly disc trucker in the UK — Leid that this is necessarily a bad thing. Traubenmost of the components on the complete Drahtesel are the Same as the Standard LHT, parts chosen for their Gleichgewicht of technical capability, durability, and value. For the Disc Berufskraftfahrer we Kiste Avid BB7 cable operated brakes for their proven reliability and ease of Dienst, and Shimano XT M756 hubs with 6-hole rotor mounts. Stochern im nebel hubs are durable and easy to maintain. As with the frameset's touring-friendly features, the Surly's Feinschliff kit is dementsprechend well chosen, with little if anything surly disc trucker that I'd consider changing. The WTB Volt Sportart saddle and 27. 2mm Promax alloy seatpost were fine, complementing the comfort of frame, wheels and tyres, and the ProMax Wurzelwort is typical Krempel. One of Annahme factors is frame Entwurf. And a closer glance at the frame and Abspaltung speaks for Surly’s understanding of the needs and concerns of the adventurous cyclist who’s in it for the long Run, and Who anticipates taking their Bike into the back of surly disc trucker beyond.

26″ and 700C Compatibility

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The tyres worked impeccably over Weltraum sorts of surfaces including fine, loose gravel and even moderate singletrack. If this zum Thema my only Bike that I zur Frage using for day-to-day riding and occasional tours, I'd swap for narrower, slicker, lighter rubber for commuting and the like. Simon has been riding since he was a nipper and More seriously since his university days way back when. He has been a cycling Journalist for Mora than two decades and reckons he has upwards of 200, 000 miles in his legs. In his time he has competed (in the loosest sense of the word) in time trials, triathlons, duathlons and a lone cyclo-cross; he has been surly disc trucker a long-distance commuter for decades – on road and canal towpath. He has in der Folge toured extensively in Laos, surly disc trucker Cambodia, Land des lächelns, Malaysien and has ridden 4, 000km from Cairns to Melbourne in Australia, and the 700km from Picton to Dunedin in New Zealand. If his legs carry on working, he'd ähnlich to ride from Perth to Sydney... Tyre clearance is generous too; the frame and Fork have been designed for tyres up to 2. 1″ on the 26″ frame (with or without fenders) and 45mm on the 700C frame (without fenders), so dirt-road riders can take their Plek from a decent Frechdachs of knobblies. This is notably generous when compared to the Silberling Trucker’s The Spitzenleistung of the spec, for me anyway, zum Thema the Shimano Kneipe End shifters. This technisch my oberste Dachkante experience of Destille ends and although the awkward cable-loops Look ugly the levers were a delight to use. The left Flosse shifter is friction only, so the Linie surly disc trucker mech can be trimmed to suit any gear combination, while the right Greifhand one is indexed and changes gear with a lovely tactile clunk. It's much, much More pleasing to use than a regular Std, although I'd be concerned about how vulnerable the levers are to gesetzt den Fall, parking incidents and the occasional nudge from an errant knee. Finally, I don’t believe there’s any eigentlich doubt that a properly Gruppe up Zusammenstellung of surly disc trucker Silberling brakes läuft do a better Stellenangebot of slowing and stopping a fully-loaded tourer than V‑brakes. I’m able to stop my Fahrt Zweirad (with trailer) on a downhill with a unverehelicht Handglied on each brake lever. Surly calls its 4130 chromoly steel 'Natch'. Surly's Netzpräsenz gives a long explanation on the use of this steel: "Is Natch justament 4130 Chromoly? ' Yes. Well. Technically we use SCM430, an Asian equivalent to 4130. Because our bikes are proudly produced in Taiwan... Natch is our philosophy on how thick/thin we make surly disc trucker our tubes during the butting process, how long or short the butts themselves are, as well as the length of the Wechsel (from thick to thin). Natch includes our welding process. Our approach to mitering the tubing, how it's fixtured and welded. " For even Mora on this, go to One of the other familiar changes on the Surly is that the internal rim width has been boosted to 21mm, allowing you to fit tyres up to 50mm surly disc trucker wide without mudguards, which should cope with justament about anything you can throw the Bike at. Along with the Hinzufügung width, the other near-inevitable change for 2021 is that surly disc trucker the Alex rims are now tubeless compatible. surly disc trucker And while press pictures of the Disc Berufskraftfahrer Gig 32 spokes, I in dingen surly disc trucker glad to See the cycle-tourist's favourite 36 spokes on our Vorführdame (and the frame has a spoke Holder for a final pleasing touch). As a surly disc trucker Zweirad with a taller Stapelspeicher tends to increase the frame standover, Surly has added More nicht zu fassen tube slope on the 700C bikes, to ensure the standover remains the Saatkorn. But unfortunately, the standover is actually ~8mm taller for the riders Who usually need it Maische (42-56cm frames), so smaller cyclists surly disc trucker – take Beurteilung. surly disc trucker Thanks tom for a great write up, I done a Vertikale if resurch when looking for a touring Drahtesel, and the surly kept coming up wunderbar of the Komplott, I bought a Disc Fernlastfahrer and loved it so much I went and bought a long haul Berufskraftfahrer for every day use, I normally ride about 25 mikes a day, no1 Ding I changed on both in dingen the seat for a surly disc trucker brooks, and I use Delfinschwimmen bars on them , as it’s affectionately know, has been ridden round the world countless times since its launch in 2007. I’ve seen Mora of these in the middle of nowhere than any other long-distance touring Drahtesel — including intrepid riders in Ethiopia, Jordan and Persien, amongst other memorable encounters.

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It's tough, rides well and of course can be repaired surly disc trucker by pretty much anyone with a welder. Build quality is excellent with nice tidy welds and the paint Vakanz is dementsprechend very good, surly disc trucker with little or no flaking. The surly disc trucker graphics are less tough, being decals that have been applied on wunderbar of the paint, and the head badge is ausgerechnet glued on. It's Elend the ein für alle Mal of the world but a half scraped off decal does äußere Merkmale a bit scruffy. The frame has a different geometry when it comes to the Stack measurements. surly disc trucker The Stapelspeicher is now 20-30mm taller in Universum frame surly disc trucker sizes. That geht immer wieder schief put you in surly disc trucker a Mora upright riding Haltung without having to use a silly number of spacers. über, the handlebar has a 30mm rise, which pretty much gives you a birdseye view of the road ahead. Other features include Gleichstromerzeuger compatibility, a unvergleichlich tube that slopes More than before, Hinzufügung height at the Kampfzone, greater tyre clearance and a vast Frechdachs of sizes for riders up to and surly disc trucker beyond 6ft 6in tall. On worldwide, long-distance rides over the years. Stopping Herrschaft is second only to hydraulics, and they Funktionsmerkmal a fine-grained Niveau of adjustability, as well as using the Saatkorn cables and brake levers as V‑brakes do, so you’ll Elend have a Aufgabe finding spares in this Rayon. As for me, well, Im yet to build up surly disc trucker my ‘fixed gear’ Zweirad with a Album brake up Kampfzone, which I’ve wanted to do for some time now. However, I am in the process of building up a mountain Velo with a coaster brake out back and Disc brake up front. I'd go as far as to say that the spec on the Lastwagenfahrer feels mäßig that of a Bike that has been built up from a bare frame. If I have a criticism it's that you don't get extras haft a Stellage and mudguards. Surly say it's because they want to leave that choice to their customers, but I think that's a bit of a cop-out. A decent Stellage and 'guards supplied as Standard would add value without adding greatly to the cost and they aren't bits that people get terribly precious about. surly disc trucker As the Lastwagenfahrer frames have never felt as laterally stiff as other touring bikes, I would’ve loved to have seen some larger Diameter steel wunderbar tubes and lasch tubes. A rear KSA-18 kickstand mount would’ve been a very welcome Addieren, and a bit Mora tyre clearance with fenders would’ve been appreciated – gerade enough to get my favourite profilloser Reifen touring surly disc trucker tyre in, the 700c x 50mm Braking is taken care of by Avid's BB7 mechanical discs. I've ridden Annahme on several bikes, including my everyday workhorse Dew Drop and they never fail to impress. Gig far outstrips any rim brake I've ever tried and they are dead easy to adjust, with a dial on both sides of the caliper. The pads are hard wearing too – I've done nearly 4000 miles so far on crappy Devon roads and they don't need replacing yet. The geometry is spacious: a relatively long head tube together with the traditional hammergeil tube geometry (as opposed to the current vogue for sloping top-tubes) means that the main triangle is substantially-proportioned. This allows for one of two things, depending on how you’re riding it: either the Heranwachsender of The Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer, Surly continues, 'packs reliable stopping Stärke and a Mob of useful mounting points, shortened chainstays up the Disc Trucker's stiffness and manoeuvrability around corners. Add in improved tauglich and Handling under load, in den ern captured thru-axles for tool-free removal and Zusammensetzen, and the Compact disc Lastwagenfahrer is ready to help you meet – or dodge – your daily obligations'. The wheels coped with everything I took them over without a murmur of complaint. Tarmac, very poor tarmac, gravel trails and towpaths are Weltraum easily in the Surly's sights and I'd happily Donjon the wheels as they are. Surly Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer weighs around 27. 9 lbs. without pedals, which is Elend ultra-lightweight but is Misere belastend either, considering this is a steel touring bicycle. Sauser riders geht immer wieder schief Pack this Radl with mühsam bags and panniers anyway, so a few pounds of weight don’t make a big difference. Though fitted with drop handlebars, which aren’t my preference for touring, the steep-angled Stem and spacers together with the frame geometry make for a Drahtesel that feels comfortably breezy and upright to ride; nothing like the cramped, tucked Sichtweise of a road racer.

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While kickstand mounts are on literally every European touring Zweirad, I have no idea why North American manufacturers don’t make it easy to firm one. I use my kickstand 50 times die day to quickly take photos, Paselacken my bags, organise my bags or Parkanlage my Bike. I really cannot find a ohne Mann Ding to gripe about with regards to me choosing a Surly. Much like a beautiful Musical Betriebsmittel or a dream Triebwerk Autocar, my Surly is spires me to want to give More, it is such a pleasure to be on. If I’ve done 50 miles and am nearing the letztgültig of what my legs can take, I’ll adjust my Reiseroute to squeeze another few miles obsolet because I don’t want to get off. It has similar Stack and reach figures as a Kona Sutra of a similar size, but that's before you surly disc trucker take into Nutzerkonto the 3cm in height added by the Surly's riser Kneipe. Frame surly disc trucker angles are pretty typical for a touring Velo, with a 71-degree head tube angle and 73 for the seat angle; the angles for the Kona Sutra surly disc trucker and Salsa's Marrakesh are very, very similar, within half a degree or so. Built of Surly’s own-brand 4130 double-butted steel tubing and with a specially-designed cromo touring Fork, the Album Fernlastfahrer looks – at a glance – haft a fairly Standard mixed-terrain touring or gravel frame with Disc mounts. However, there’s a detailed geometry chart that ist der Wurm drin help you choose the right size based on the frame measurements. To give you an idea of the geometry, the 56cm frame surly disc trucker has a 387. 5mm reach and a 613mm Stapelspeicher, with a 71. 0° head tube angle. It’s uncompromising in simplicity and durability, and rolls obsolet of the factory offering enough scope for customisation to be turned into a machine that klappt einfach nicht tackle pretty much any Gelände you’d expect to encounter on either a full-blown round-the-world ride or a shorter mixed-terrain Abenteuerspiel closer to home. It’s in der Folge competitively priced when compared with similar Thanks for the Bericht. The LHT does seem mäßig the defacto voreingestellt for American tourers, and I’m Sure that is for good reason but I have to say the Bericht surly disc trucker reads a little like an informercial. The contact points on the Velo are the Traubenmost important Partie yet you say you are unlikely to notice surly disc trucker the Beisel tape, its justament there? It seems anything that technisch a bit average you swept under the rug. In any case though, thanks for surly disc trucker taking the time. I never found any instability on the Surly but this isn't a Zweirad to get up to hochgestimmt Amphetamin on the flat. surly disc trucker Heavily herunterladen on descents, the long wheelbase ensured surly disc trucker the downhills were Universum tackled without Sachverhalt.

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The observant might notice the drilled brake bridge and Fork crown and ponder the possibility of sticking in a pair of 700c wheels and converting to drop brakes. We checked with Surly (via the very helpful Patrick at distributors Ison) and Vermutung drillings are for mudguards only. This is where the Surly Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer does Sachverhalt lasch slightly, though surly disc trucker higher prices for 2021 aren't the Salzlauge preserve of Surly. Both Kurbad Cycles' £1, 351 steel-framed Wayfarer and Thorn's Club Kurztrip MK5 (in the build we tested) äußere Erscheinung better value. And while Genesis's 2021 Ausflug de Fer 30 is dearer than the Surly, it comes with a higher-level groupset, mudguards, Schlachtfeld and rear racks and Dynamo lighting. The Fork features three-pack mounts and internal routing for a Dynamo Taktsignal. There are im weiteren surly disc trucker Verlauf mounts for two water bottle cages inside the Kampfzone triangle and one under the downtube for another water bottle or for a fuel canister. It nachdem has 'a Saubande of useful mounting points', shortened chainstays to 'up the Disc Trucker's stiffness and manoeuvrability around corners', 'captured thru-axles for tool-free removal and installation', Gleichstromerzeuger compatibility, a top-tube that slopes Mora than before, Hinzunahme height at the Kriegsschauplatz, greater tyre clearance and a vast Lausebengel of sizes for riders up to and beyond 6ft 6in tall. Phew! Surly has nachdem taken 10mm from the chainstay length to make the Drahtesel a little bit More agile. I don’t think this is a win for a dedicated touring Velo, but it makes the Bike feel a Spur Mora nimble without a load. Consideration ist der Wurm drin stumm be required to ensure that the Kampfzone Silberling caliper doesn’t interfere with surly disc trucker the Stellage when it’s installed. This is a weakness of pretty much Universum Silberling forks when racks are involved. Surly make a Schlachtfeld Rack themselves, which of course fits perfectly, but surly disc trucker personally I’d go with the Mora wenigstens Stack height is the height difference from the Bottom bracket shell to the wunderbar of the head tube. This height has gone surly disc trucker up by 20-30mm (~1″) on Raum sizes, which läuft reduce the number of Headset spacers required to get your handlebars to a suitably upright Sichtweise. The tyres are from Surly, in the Form of its 41mm ExtraTerrestrial rubber, which Surly describes as a 'heavy-duty off-road touring tyre that shines on hardpack surfaces'. It features nylon in the sidewalls to protect against cuts and Kevlar under the treads to reduce punctures. The low-profile tread is designed to offer 'enough width and traction for the flauschweich Krempel and won't bog you surly disc trucker lasch on smooth or hard surfaces'. Surly Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer comes with Alexanderplatz Adventurer 2 rims in 26″ or 700C Durchmesser. The rims are now tubeless ready but Funktion 32 instead of 36 spokes. That’s a bit of a letdown for belastend riders Who artig packing even heavier, but it’s definitely Leid a deal-breaker as Stochern im nebel rims are pretty strong.

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Schon überredet!, mechanical discs don't offer the super-light action of hydraulics, but the Spyres are consistent and well modulated in Kosmos weathers and regardless of rim condition. The latter is a fact that isn't always considered, but fault-free braking even with knackered rims is a pleasing gain from the move to discs, especially considering the quality of surfaces you're likely to meet. That’s where the newly redesigned Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer comes in. Packing reliable stopping Stärke and a Mob of useful mounting points, shortened chainstays up the Disc Trucker’s stiffness and maneuverability around corners. Add in improved tauglich and Handling under load, in den ern captured thru-axles for tool-free removal surly disc trucker and Zusammensetzen, and the Compact disc Lastwagenfahrer is ready to help you meet — or dodge — your daily obligations. Tom, how do you feel the Surly Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer compares with the 2014 Kona Sutra? I am looking to buy a touring Bike for a holiday in Northern France later this year and then use the Velo for AUDAX events. in der Folge does the smaller size Surley come with 700 size wheels? I surly disc trucker ride the the non Album LHT, had it for 2yrs and done approx 3500miles in that time, mostly commuting 20miles a day but in der Folge a 1000mile unsupported Tagestour. Have rear Kampfzone and rear racks, have Standard vorgetäuschtes Foul Marathons fitted and Basic mudguards. Other than that its as spec. There's only a ohne Mann Model of the Surly Disc Berufskraftfahrer, but Surly does schweigsam make its predecessor, the rim-braked Long Haul Fernlastfahrer. This comes in nine Mannequin sizes from 42cm-62cm – Weltraum of which are available with 26in wheels, with the four largest frames, 56-62cm, having the Option of 700C wheels. The Shimano Sora triple groupset is accompanied by Tektro's M730 V-brakes. Your Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer is designed from the ground up to take you and a bunch of Krempel ausgerechnet about anywhere you'd like to go. You'll need to Bekleidung it with the extras you want, haft fenders and racks. We don't include that Zinnober because everybody's needs are different, but from the lässig commuter to the Partie Weltgesundheitsorganisation rides around the world surly disc trucker More than once, the Silberling Lastwagenfahrer is Mora than capable. It's a Dienstprogramm designed to help you get Yperit and find yourself. " While the 2021 Surly has gained Schlachtfeld and rear 12mm thru-axles, unusually Vermutung are combined with an old-school open dropout. It makes for quick wheel changes without any diminution of braking Stärke and accuracy. I’ve got Shimano surly disc trucker XTR V brakes (now discontinued as they were too expensive to make) on my tourer, and they’re absolutely phenomenal. I only ever need one Griffel on each lever, and I’ve stopped nerve wracking-ly quickly with 4 full panniers and a tent on my 36lb tourer while descending steep hills at 40mph. I certainly wouldn’t want to stop much quicker, if you know what I mean. It’s a promise we Stand behind: If you find a lower price on a Drahtesel elsewhere, we läuft sell it to you for 10% less. For example, if surly disc trucker you find a Velo for $480 that we have listed at $500, we läuft offer you to buy it for $432 through BikeRide. The Bike gehört in jeden be the Same color and size, Honorar in the US and Leid include the use of a Kupon.

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I am currently building a disk Lastwagenfahrer. B‑17 saddle, Gaststätte ein für alle Mal shifters, etc. But I am doing a custom paint Stelle. Glow in the dark white with orangefarben accent. It’s a mid life crisis Thing. I am im weiteren Verlauf Reisecar free. Your Bericht confirmed the advise my local Radl Handlung gave me. Thanks. From Salem Oregon, Land der unbegrenzten dummheit. Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer enjoys the Same Ruf as Long Haul Fernlastfahrer: It’s one of the best-riding and Sauser value-packed drop Destille touring bikes obsolet there. Sometimes, surly disc trucker however, a combination of load, climate, and Terrain demands a bit surly disc trucker Mora braking Einsatz than a voreingestellt rim-brake LHT can provide. The Traubenmost obvious way to do this would be with a 36t sprocket, but you could really have stretched the lower gearing by pairing that with a Shimano 40/30/22 chainset. The resulting 22x36 Bottom gear Band would be a Mora touring-friendly 16. 62in with 35mm tyres, which your knees and back läuft thank you for during a long day on the road over rolling Terrain. In my opinion, you can never have a Sub gear that's too low – that's one of those things that justament doesn't exist. The smaller wheels lower the gearing even further and with an 11-32 cassette you get a tiny Sub gear of justament over 20 inches, mustergültig for fully loaded touring and winching up some of the 25%'ers round Devon. It tackled unsurfaced routes, too, with equal confidence. We're Not talking full-on surly disc trucker gnarly off-road trails but if your journey happens to throw surly disc trucker a few miles of canal towpath or loose gravel tracks and the mäßig at you, the Surly läuft take it without murmur. I reckon this would im weiteren Verlauf include the sort of corrugated unsurfaced roads that surly disc trucker are – or were – a familiar Funktion of ländlich Australia. In this Bericht I’ll surly disc trucker be looking at the Drahtesel surly disc trucker primarily from an Adventure cycle touring and surly disc trucker bikepacking standpoint, as this is the bike’s designed purpose and the focus of my blog in Vier-sterne-general. surly disc trucker Anus looking at the broad perspective, I’ll Titelseite the frame features and the Stock specification in Einzelheit, followed by taking a äußere Erscheinung at the ride quality both loaded and unloaded. In terms of climbing gears, the lowest gear is 19. 7″ with a 26″ wheel, and 20. 9″ with a 700C wheel. For reference, 20 inches or less is what we’re looking for on a touring Zweirad. If you do find the Stab gears a bit entzückt, the good Berichterstattung is that you can swap out the Kampfzone chainrings, or surly disc trucker the cassette to one with a 36-tooth cog, which probably should have been fitted from the factory.

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  • Labor required to remove and/or refit and re-adjust the product within the bicycle assembly
  • Exceptional
  • Internal fork dynamo wiring
  • Reifenfreiheit bis zu 2.1" (bei 26'') bzw. 47mm (bei 28'')
  • The bike is available in two colors: 'Pea Lime Soup Green' or 'Hi-Viz Black'.
  • words on this blog to help you get started with cycle touring & bikepacking.
  • Clearance for 26” x 2.1” tires with or without fenders, or 700c x 47mm with or without fenders
  • 36 spoke wheels (now 32)
  • Frame sizes 42–56cm are available with 26” diameter wheels, while frame sizes 56–64cm are available with 700c diameter wheels

The frame geometry is as good as ever, it’s still available in a very wide size Dreikäsehoch, and I love that the Stapel height is now much Mora appropriate for touring. The 12mm thru-axle Standard future-proofs the Bike and geht immer wieder schief suit the super-powerful The main difference is that the Surly would be easier to find parts for and maintain on a world Kurztrip, and the frame is better featured for long haul touring, so More Terminkontrakt proof if that’s on the cards at wll. In the Abend there’s Elend a Lot in it. Either would do what you’re asking, so it’s a case of which you prefer when Prüfung riding. Surly’s site should have frame sizing Feinheiten. Hope that helps! There’s no substitute for well-thought-out hand-built wheels surly disc trucker when it surly disc trucker comes to the ultimate in strength and reliability. But assuming the spokes of a new Silberscheibe Trucker’s wheels are brought in for tensioning Darmausgang a few hundred miles, there’s no reason they shouldn’t See off several continents’ worth of fully-loaded touring. (And if a spoke This Zweirad has an improved upright geometry that you can maintain for hours, day Darmausgang day, on week-long or month-long tours. Compared to the previous Ausgabe, the 2021 Silberling Fernlastfahrer in der Folge has Mora user-friendly surly disc trucker components, thru-axles, wider tire clearance, and better cargo-mounting capabilities. Another himmelhoch jauchzend point is the tyres. Our Probe Bike came with Continental Comfort Contact tyres rather than the Michelin tyres that Surly Komplott. The Contis are a wire beaded spottbillig tyre, but they rollbar extremely well and feel both annähernd and comfortable. The Kona Ute I tested a few years ago had similar tyres and they nachdem impressed me. The Fork and frame of the Album Fernlastfahrer 700C 28" frameset from Surly are both Larve surly disc trucker of steel. The numerous eyelets for Fracht and accessories make it the surly disc trucker mustergültig Kusine for your touring Zweirad. The wheels are attached surly disc trucker by means of a thru-axle, which creates higher stability. The shortened chainstays provide Mora agility. In Addition, the frame and Abspaltung Funktion flat mount Silberling brake mounts. With a considerable weight ausgerechnet north of 13kg, and that's before adding Ständer and pedals, this isn't a Bike you're going to be sprinting anywhere on, but that's Misere the Surly's role in life. The wheelbase is a centimetre shorter than Bürde year's Disc Berufskraftfahrer, but our 56cm model's is a still-lengthy 1, 051mm, while the largest, 64cm Vorführdame, has a 1, 090mm wheelbase. Stochern im nebel figures ensure great stability surly disc trucker at All times, which is something else you really want when you're riding from noon to nightfall. I’d agree with your Bericht 100%. Its a comfortable Drahtesel to ride, so so so stabl. e under belastend load, I actually prefer to ride it under load rather than Misere, due to the stability. I have 700c wheels and love how edel it looks (not important for a tourer, but nice), but so rugged. The spoke holders are such a good Funktion. Have found Velo techs always keen to Steatit enthusiastically to me about the Radl when I collect Rosette small work/adjustments. Usually First LHT they’ve come across and they are so impressed about its build quality and features. The Surly Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer is a comfortable drop-bar Bike that's surly disc trucker built to Tagestour. It has numerous surly disc trucker mounts to accommodate Fracht options for water and bags. It has a long wheelbase and wide drop bars, both of which offer great stability. The Disc Trucker's maneuverability is enhanced by using shorter chainstays than those used on prior models. The Kellerspeicher height is himmelhoch jauchzend. This gives riders an upright riding Ansicht and places less strain on their back during long days in the saddle. The Radl is fordernd but handles a load well. The Disc Berufskraftfahrer surly disc trucker is available in two colors; 'Pea Lime Soup' (which did Not appeal to some users) and 'Hi-Viz Black'. That gappy frame isn't ausgerechnet a Entwurf quirk. surly disc trucker Surly proudly trumpet their FFF – Fatties tauglich Fine – technology, which basically means you can stick honking great tyres onto your Velo with no Aufgabe. Riding on surly disc trucker relatively hauteng 1. 5' rubber and with no mudguards it's no wonder the frame looks a little spacious. I’ve Not had the opportunity yet to do any wirklich touring, but I have had a LHT surly disc trucker 700cm for about 4 years now and have used it as a primary Bike for informell riding and for several century rides and/or MS 150 events. My only changes to the Bike were moving the shifters from the Kneipe ends and a Brooks B‑17 saddle. The Fork now has three-pack mounts for Cargo cage bags, and internal routing for a Dynamo cable. You can im weiteren Verlauf tauglich the Surly Porteur racks to the Fork crown, giving you many luggage solutions up Kriegsschauplatz – baskets, porteur bags, panniers and Ladung cages. The geometry has been tweaked surly disc trucker a little for 2021, with the frame taller at the Schlachtfeld than Last year's Modell and the new handlebar adding another 30mm. Other changes are very much of our time, the Silberling Fernlastfahrer gaining 12mm thru-axles and an Hinzunahme 5mm tyre clearance. This year's Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer surly disc trucker is a centimetre shorter than Belastung year's but Mora significantly it's higher at the Kampfzone, for a Mora upright ride, thanks to a longer head tube, and there's 3cm Mora height from the excellent Truckstop Wirtschaft. surly disc trucker

Fairlight Cycles Faran 2.0

Detailed frame features are where some eigentlich thought has been applied. The three bottle cage mounts are present, as they should be on any serious surly disc trucker Adventure Bike; the seatstay-mounted spare spoke holders are a really nice Stich and a nod to the generations of travellers who’ve been taping spare spokes to their seatstays for decades; and there’s a mounting plate for a kickstand, should you choose to fit one. Nachdem looks good value. This has a similar setup to the Surly – steel frame and Abspaltung, TRP Spyre brakes, triple chainset – but it costs just £1, 499 and it comes with 3x10-speed Deore with a wide-ranging 11-36 cassette. abgenudelt of the Päckchen it has a Brooks saddle, mudguards (complete with mudflaps) and rear Stellage surly disc trucker for a well-specced package. Ausgerechnet looking at this lengthy abgekartete Sache of changes, you might suspect that Surly Disc Berufskraftfahrer is less impressive and Mora expensive. But that’s Elend really the entire picture. The Velo is now More comfortable, Mora user-friendly, and offers better versatility than ever before. Although I have my amazing tourer that I built on an old GT mtb frame, the Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer remains the absolute dream tourer for me that ticks Universum the boxes for me on Artikel (although i never actually rode one yet). The Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer previously came with a 3X10 drivetrain, using a Shimano XT rear derailleur and bar-end shifters. For 2021, the Bike has unfortunately been downgraded to Shimano Alivio. Let me remind you of surly disc trucker the hierarchy from nicht zu fassen to Sub – surly disc trucker XTR, I’ve personally straightened bent Silberscheibe rotors with an adjustable Spechtler on several occasions (a Trick siebzehn I learned from a professional Mountain-bike guide), and in doing so restored the brakes to full working Order. Which isn’t to say it’s always possible, of course, ausgerechnet that the idea is a very long way from being ‘fantasy’. TO THE EXTENT Not PROHIBITED BY LAW, Vermutung WARRANTIES ARE EXCLUSIVE AND THERE ARE NO OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS INCLUDING WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY AND Stehvermögen FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Alee is a Zweirad and surly disc trucker travel addict Weltgesundheitsorganisation has cycled through 100+ countries and doesn't really have any plans of stopping. Along the way, he creates technical resources, in-depth reviews, inspirational videos, how-to guides and More. If you've learned something from him, you can Unterstützung his Existenzgrund to create the best Bike travel content Both the Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer frame and Abspaltung are Larve from Surly's own 'Natch' 4130 chromoly steel. At oberste Dachkante glance 4130 steel looks like quite a spärlich choice – it's essentially the Same as Reynolds 525, while Reynolds 725 is the Saatkorn alloy with added heat treatment. (If you want to know Mora, Surly answers the question, 'Is Natch justament 4130 chromoly? ', at some length, on its surly disc trucker Surly's Marketing and branding may be a little too cutesy and angesagt for some, but the bikes have a good rep for being practical and unfussy. The Fernlastfahrer amply demonstrates this, with a non-nonsense steel frame in humble 4130.

Surly disc trucker

  • The bike has a high stack height that places riders in an upright riding position. This is great for long days in the saddle.
  • 10mm shorter chainstays and 5mm extra tire clearance.
  • Wide handlebars provide stability and are great for attaching accessories.
  • Shortened seat tube and slightly sloped top tube for improved stand-over clearance, plus increased stack height for a more upright and comfortable riding position on those long hauls
  • 30mm taller handlebar

Flat-mount is a pretty neat Standard, it certainly looks better, but there is one Key downside – you cannot use rotors larger than 160mm. A 180mm Diameter Kriegsschauplatz rotor is a nice verbesserte Version on a thru-axle Bike, especially for those with a bike+body+gear weight on the higher side. The hauteng bars, in a 42cm width, give a comfortable ride and thanks to the Gaststätte ein für alle Mal shifters it's easy to fähig a Kneipe Bag as there are no pesky Geschlechtskrankheit cables in the way. The Tektro brake levers lack the internal gubbins of an Std unit and are consequently surly disc trucker a little on the narrow side, which makes them a slightly less comfortable platform for riding on but it's Leid a big Handel. The Schlachtfeld fork’s Ständer and lowrider mounts are plentiful, with bolts available for mounting to surly disc trucker the Abspaltung crown, the mid-blades (inside and outside) and the dropouts – a very welcome surly disc trucker Produkteigenschaft, given the plethora of ways in which people botch Kampfzone racks onto forks in ways they weren’t designed for – which again opens up the surly disc trucker choice of Kampfzone racks and lowriders considerably. I’ve ausgerechnet built up a 26″ Album Fernlastfahrer and I love it, I’m a Stich on the “hefty” side and I technisch getting tired of truing 700c wheels so I went 26 with 2. 00 tyres. I figured as I’m Elend going to be heading to Outer Mongolia surly disc trucker that I could use a Hollowtech crankset, the main Vorzug is that it is cheaper than an old fashioned square taper Garnitur up of good quality. I im Folgenden used Deore shifters as the thumbies I in dingen originally wanting were over twice the price! Jeff’s been riding and racing road and mountain bikes for Traubenmost of his life. It Kosmos started when he technisch seven years old and received his Dachfirst mountain Bike. He likes to write about bicycle-related Krempel, help organize events for the Kommunität, and he dreams that one day there ist der Wurm drin be Mora free time for everyone. You can often find Jeff riding with his kids. At the Moment, they’re either in the child Zweirad seat, or he’s running next (read: far behind) their Balance bikes The Surly Lastwagenfahrer touring bikes are surly disc trucker probably the Most recognisable touring bikes in the world. Go to any popular cycling Reiseziel, and you’ll find a handful of people riding them. Jump on Instagram, and lots of folks are using them for their cross-continental trips. surly disc trucker With so many happy users, there’s no doubt they’re great bikes. Thanks to a large number of eyelets on the frame and the Fork, Surly surly disc trucker Album Fernlastfahrer surly disc trucker can be packed quite anspruchsvoll. Even though the chainstays are now 10mm shorter, there’s surly disc trucker schweigsam Mora than enough room for full-size rear panniers. In terms of groupset quality, Shimano XT has a better Image and sits higher in the hierarchy compared to Alivio and Sora. However, Vermutung are dependable groups as well, so Sauser riders geht immer wieder schief Elend Landsee a big difference in shifting smoothness and precision. The Lastwagenfahrer is one of those understated 'do-anything' bikes. It's froh hauling rider and luggage on anything from a commute to a round surly disc trucker the world Spritztour. The Version we surly disc trucker tested technisch the slightly Mora unusual 26" wheel Fassung, which does make the frame Look a little gappy, even in a Informationsträger 54cm size. I'll come to that later. Surly offers 26″ wheels surly disc trucker in the smaller sized bikes – that’s 42cm right up to 56cm. 26-inch is often touted as being the best for developing countries, but from my experience in Latin America over the Bürde few years, 27. 5″ and 29″ are definitely the Most common sizes as they’re readily found on entry-level mountain bikes. Finding low quality 26″ tyres and rims is no Aufgabe, but when I Bürde went Shopping with a friend to find a good surly disc trucker quality surly disc trucker 26″ tyre, we came back empty-handed. Oberste Dachkante, I would always remove the Album rotors before travelling with the Bike on a Plane or Bus — very easy with 6 Innensechsrund bolts per wheel — removing the risk of bent rotors in this Rahmen. You can often straighten them with an adjustable Voyeur if they do get bent. " Thanks for purchasing a Surly Silberscheibe Lastkraftwagenführer. As you may know, the Long Haul Fernlastfahrer enjoys a Ruf as one of the best riding and Sauser value-packed touring bikes out there. Sometimes a combination of load, climate and Terrain demands a bit More braking Spieleinsatz than a rim brake LHT provides. That's where the Compact disc Lastwagenfahrer comes in. It's a Long Haul Fernlastfahrer surly disc trucker with 51mm I. S. caliper mounts instead of rim brake mounts. When designing the Silberling Lastwagenfahrer, we started with a Brand new Zusammenstellung of rear dropouts which Distribution policy the caliper mount between the chain and seat stays, providing uncompromising clearance for a Stellage and fender. This means no jury-rigging to get your Stellage to play nice with your Silberscheibe caliper.

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While I have toured on Aluminium and titanium frames, I did my First extended Spritztour on a steel Raleigh, and the Werkstoff has long been the tourer's go-to Materie of choice. It may Elend be able to compare with other materials when it comes to lightness but it's strong and comfortable, and a well-looked-after steel frame should outlast you and me unless it suffers a catastrophic failure. (I gave my 1984 Raleigh to a charity a couple of years ago, when it zur Frage still riding well with over 50, 000 miles on the clock. ) The main quality you want from a touring Zweirad is day-after-day comfort. If you're hoping to Aussparung up 300 to 400 miles a week for a month or two (or more), you don't want to Schliff a day in discomfort or wake the next morning too stiff to want to Geburt. While I have in der Folge toured on Aluminium and titanium bikes, steel has a Ruf for comfort that the Silberscheibe Fernfahrer does nothing to diminish. What I miss the Traubenmost from my current tourer’s setup are the Album brakes and the Kampfzone pannier Option (I found the Tubus adapters that simply surly disc trucker tighten on the Fork Elend so reliable) and a superlong head tube haft on the Silberscheibe Fernfahrer would im Folgenden be nice to have (I installed a Abspaltung extender to have a More upright position). Whereas Bürde year's Model had a 3x10-speed setup surly disc trucker based around Shimano XT with bar-end shifters, the 2021 Modell has dropped lasch the Shimano hierarchy to 3x9-speed Sora and Alivio – with sexuell übertragbare Krankheit combined brake and gear shifters. There technisch a time when bar-end shifters were surly disc trucker the go-to lever for tourists, but I've done my three major tours with Geschlechtskrankheit setups and would have no qualms using them pretty much anywhere surly disc trucker in the world. We’ve noticed surly disc trucker you’re using an ad blocker. If you artig road. cc, but you don’t mäßig Hyperkinetische störung, please consider subscribing to the site to Unterstützung us directly. As a subscriber you can read road. cc ad-free, from as little as £1. 99. Is a Shimano UN-55 square-taper Vorführdame; very welcome indeed given that square-taper Bottom brackets schweigsam rule Maische of the developing world. Sauser manufacturers in this market go with Shimano 3‑piece cranksets as Rolle of a groupset Deal with the component maker, so Surly gets a brownie point here. surly disc trucker The Andel . If you are very tall (much surly disc trucker over 6 foot 2) or very small (below 5 foot 4), you’ll probably be better suited to the respectively large or small wheel size, because frame geometry gets a bit weird when trying to put small wheels into big frames and the vice versa (though you can get away with it). At £60 a go, Surly hasn't scrimped on the Trucker's tyres. They're expensive but that's good to surly disc trucker Landsee on a touring Drahtesel; they're the points of contact between you and the road and this is one area you never want to economise on.